About Us

Our mission is to strengthen the bond between Jamaicans (and friends of Jamaica) around the world, and those at home in Jamaica, while enriching the Jamaican economy.

MangoErrands was born from a simple idea; “Make it easy to manage how your money is spent in Jamaica from overseas, to pay for goods and services for family, friends, the community, or yourself.”

Through technology and partnership, our website enables users anywhere in the world to pay vendors in Jamaica for goods and services for friends, family and community there.

Our Jamaican founders saw this as a critical need for the country and with advanced payment solutions technology plus the power of local business partnerships, MangoErrands became the first payment solutions platform of its kind for Jamaicans at home and in the Diaspora.

When you use MangoErrands, each transaction makes a meaningful impact. Every time you spend, you restore and support the connection with loved ones back home and contribute to small businesses in the local economy. It’s a reminder that no matter where life takes us, our loved ones, alma maters, community, and our roots are never forgotten.

Mangoerrands Team


Marlon Willie

Founder and CEO

Marlon brings a vivid creativity and passion to any organization that he serves. After learning about the difficulty Jamaicans in the Diaspora had ensuring that monies sent to Jamaica were being spent as intended, he embarked on developing a technological solution.

Marlon has over 20 years experience working in both operations and banking in corporate, government, and higher education spaces. He used this assembled knowledge to work with skilled developers, marketers and companies based in Jamaica to build an Ecommerce and payment solution that serves not only the Jamaican Diaspora, but also businesses in Jamaica that are keen to connect with the Diaspora.


Marcia Parker


Marcia Parker is the president of the Jamaican International Chamber of Commerce (JAICC). An entrepreneur, Mrs. Parker owns P&M Express trucking and Marcia’s Kitchen. She has lovingly served every community she has called home: from Kingston, Jamaica, to Pennsylvania; from Washington DC to New York City, and now Atlanta, Georgia.

She brings 10 years of business and other leadership experience to Mangoerrands.


Advisory Board

Irwine Claire (US)

Team Jamaica Bickle

Karlene Largie (US)

Board Member (UJAA)

Sophia Azan (JAM)

Former Custos (St. Catherine)

Marva Thomas (UK)