About Us

Since 2014, MangoErrands has enabled persons and organizations to easily, instantly, and independently complete a wide range of personal or business transactions, tasks and errands in Jamaica, from anywhere in the world.

Jamaicans are fiercely independent, and at MangoErrands we’ve embraced and built that philosophy into our business. Our platform was designed for the Jamaican Diaspora to have privacy, accountability and convenience—to safely handle their business without having to rely on anyone else.

With leading technology, diverse leadership, and a dedicated team, MangoErrands is proud to connect the Jamaican Diaspora to the people and things in Jamaica that means the most to them: family, friends, and home.



Marlon Willie

Founder and CEO

Norton Weir


Sheldon Creary

Customer Happiness

Advisory Board

Irwine Claire (US)                      Sophia Azan (JAM)

Team Jamaica Bickle                                         Custos (St. Catherine)

Karlene Largie (US)                 Marva Thomas (UK)

Board Member (UJAA)                                      Entrepreneur

Stephen Willie (JAM)               Sophia Walsh (US)

876Connect                                                            Notary Public