MangoErrands allows customers anywhere in the world to shop from stores or offices in Jamaica. Join our vendors who show and sell products and services to customers around the globe.

It’s as easy as setting up a provider profile, uploading your products, items, or packages to our website, and getting approved. You’re now ready to sell as a MangoErrands provider!

MangoErrand users can either purchase your product or service directly or use the Prepay option (if you have a physical store or office) to deposit a set amount to your store/office for a recipient in Jamaica to benefit.

The best part is that it’s easy for you to get paid, with MangoErrands receiving a commission (between 7-15 percent) from your sales.

Here’s how to sign up:

Add your product or service


Set up your profile

Introduce your business or service to the world by describing and showing pictures of your office, store, products, items, prices, your team and/or yourself. It is so important for users to get a sense of whose services they are engaging either for themselves, or for others in Jamaica. So let your profile tell the story about your organization or about you. Remember, most of our users are in far flung places around the world, and knowing with whom they’re doing business makes a difference.

 Selling products

Upload your products, items or packages to your provider profile, get approved and start selling.

Have users instantly purchase your product or service and ship them overseas, deliver locally, or allow friends, family or colleagues in Jamaica to use the service or pickup the product at your store.

Use our Prepay option to allow users to place a set budget in your store account and send local persons to come and choose special items or specific products that they like.

Get Paid

Online Payments
All users pay for your products and services online on our platform and earnings from your sales go to your bank account by either direct deposit or by cheque.

MangoErrands receives between 7 – 15 percent commission from all sales.



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