How safe is MangoErrands?

Trust and safety are two of our top goals. Trust is critical, especially when you’re hundreds or thousands of miles away from where you’re doing a transaction. So we’ve put in a number of safeguards to protect your information and reassure you that your transactions are safe. Our goal is to make getting stuff done in Jamaica, one less thing to worry about.

What we ask of you is that you remain on the platform throughout your entire transaction, where a record of your interactions exist, and where there is reliability, and recourse if there are any problems.  

Some of the safeguards we’ve implemented to protect you, our team, providers and other stakeholders are:

  • Registration

    • Diaspora Errands LLC (MangoErrands) is registered with the State of New York, USA as well as with the Companies Office of Jamaica, in Kingston, Jamaica.

    • All product and service providers on our site are required to be registered with the Companies Office of Jamaica

  • Payments

    • All payments must be made by way of credit card or via PayPal. Our site is Paypal compliant. No cash or offline payments are accepted.

  • Validation

    • Prepayments, and some purchases that are for Recipients in Jamaica, generate a unique code. You must share this code with your Recipient in Jamaica in order for them to collect your purchase from the service or product provider in Jamaica.

  • Verification

    • Recipients in Jamaica are required to show government issued identification to the provider in order to collect any product or service for which you’ve paid. In addition, prepayments and some purchases require the presentation of a unique code.


How long does it take to do an errand?

Prepayments and purchases are available immediately, once the product or service provider is open for business.

Bill payments are free and occurs quickly—typically within an hour from Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 5pm EST. Bills that are paid outside of these times are settled within 24 – 48 hours.

Documents are processed same day and for speed, all related shipping is done by FEDEX.

Prices and Fees

Can I pay with any currency?

If your currency is not United States dollars (USD), it will be converted to USD by a third party (such as PayPal) to pay for products or services.

Exchange Rate

The exchange rate from other currencies to United States dollars (USD) is handled by third parties such as PayPal. The cost of products and services from vendors are quoted in Jamaican dollars (JMD) as well as USD, and both currencies are displayed at the checkout as well.

The conversion to Jamaican dollar from USD is handled by MangoErrands. We offer rates that are higher than, or equivalent to the rates offered for USD cash by most Jamaican banks.


How does shipping work?

Shipping refers to receiving or sending items between Jamaica and other countries.

For documents, unless there are unusual circumstances, MangoErrands will cover the cost of shipping.

Shipping products from Jamaican stores will have varying costs. These costs will be paid by you. Usually the vendor will inform you of the cost to ship the item during purchasing, but if not, contact us and we’ll check it and quickly get it to you.

Local Pickups

What are Local Pick-ups?

You are able to designate someone in Jamaica to collect, or “Pickup” products that you’ve purchased. You can also pay for a service (eg. doctor’s office), and have that person visit the service provider’s location to use the service.

You can use Pickup with Prepay. Prepay is when you make a deposit towards a provider’s store and then send someone of your choice to visit the store and select items in that store up to the amount you’ve deposited. The person that you assign to make the pickup is called a Recipient.

Local Deliveries

How do local deliveries work?                                                                                                   

Delivery comes as a free option for purchases above J$10,000. Your goods will be delivered to most addresses islandwide at no additional cost. For transactions below that amount, you will need to arrange for someone to pick up the purchased item. Persons who are receiving the delivery should have their government issued identification, and the Unique Code where applicable.

Delivery information is entered in the Shipping, Pickup and Delivery section at checkout.

Unique Code

How do you use the unique code?

  • A unique code is generated when you pay for a product or service from a provider in Jamaica, and want someone in Jamaica to either collect, or use, that product or service.

  • You share this unique code with the Recipient in Jamaica

  • The Recipient produces the unique code and shows to the provider, along with a government issued identification. They then collect, or use the product or service that you’ve paid for.

Why is this important?

You want to be sure that the person you designate as Recipient, and not someone else, is able to collect or use that product or service for which you’ve paid. It allows the provider to be sure that the person who is collecting the product or service is the person who is supposed to receive it. It also protects you from unscrupulous persons collecting or using the product or service for which you’ve paid.


How do you make a prepayment?

Prepayment allows you to control where, how, and how much of your money is spent, while giving loved ones or colleagues (Recipients) the flexibility to choose which services or products to select from a provider. There is no fee, and it’s simple:

      • Find the provider store or service location.

      • Set the maximum amount that you want spent at that location and pay—you’ll receive a unique code for your transaction.

      • Send the unique code to your Recipient in Jamaica. They will go to the provider’s location that you’ve selected, and show them their identification and the unique code. The provider will allow them to choose products or service from their store or office, up to the maximum value that you’ve set.

Perfect for sending friends or colleagues shopping, doctor or spa visits, and more.

Bill Payment

Bill Payment is free and easy to use. Just enter your bill details to pay any Jamaican government or company bills including utilities, tuition, hotel, cable, phone, some insurances, hardware supplies and others. Your bill will be paid within two hours.


The person that you assign to collect a product or use a service from a provider in Jamaica is called a Recipient. You can name your Recipient at checkout by entering their information in the Shipping, Pickup and Deliveries section. Recipients cannot collect the product or service that you purchased unless they produce government-issued identification and show to the product or service provider.

Custom Errands

Not every errand is a purchase or a payment. Some may be an inquiry or other things that require human interaction from start to finish, like:

        • visiting a school and delivering supplies

        • surprising an elderly relative at a home for the elderly

        • researching how to retrieve a copy of a title

        • taking and sending pictures of ongoing construction in Jamaica

Custom Errands is open-ended; you ask anything you want, and our goal is to take your questions, form a plan, and help to make it happen – some of this even before you spend a dime.

Custom Errands is perfect for anyone, including businesses and nonprofits.

Document Errands

Document requests is one of the most critical services we provide. Particularly for our members who are primarily in the Jamaican Diaspora, these documents have an effect on their education, livelihood, and even residency status. We process and ship them overseas or deliver them locally—whichever you request.

While Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates, Deed Polls and Police Records are some of the most common documents that we process, some aren’t listed, they come to us through questions in Custom Errands.


How can I talk to a provider?

Communication is vitally important on this platform. You have access to every product or service provider on the platform. Every product, every service and every provider has a “Contact the provider” window that allows you to contact them with questions, to provide lists, or have a discussion.

How do I get in touch with MangoErrands?

You can contact MangoErrands through email, Custom Errands or by using our Contact Us page.