Spend money in Jamaica, from anywhere.

Enjoy the confidence you feel when sending family, friends, workers, or community members in Jamaica, to eligible stores and offices to collect or shop for products and services, that you’ve paid for from overseas. Sign up here →

Prepay and allow receivers in Jamaica to shop

Prepay an amount of your choice to a vendor in Jamaica, then send your receiver to them to shop and choose the items that they want, up to the amount you prepaid.
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Buy from vendors, for anyone in Jamaica

Visit vendors on the platform and chat, get price quotes, view and pay for their product(s) or service(s) for your receiver to receive in Jamaica.

Pay bills in Jamaica online

Pay electricity, water, communication, internet, mortgage and other bills in 24 – 48 hours, and get notified when its completed.

Share payments

Share the expense of costly projects. Invite multiple people in different locations around the world to pay for specific products or services for personal, school or community projects.

Not sure which store you need, or where it is? Use our team.

Hand it over to us. We’ll find your vendor, or a similar one, and coordinate the payment and delivery of the product or service to your receiver.

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