Do things in Jamaica, from anywhere, with MangoErrands

Search. Pay or Prepay. Deliver.

With MangoErrands you’re in control. You decide how much is spent, where it is spent, and you don’t have to guess who received your purchases or whose groceries you paid for—you know, because you decide who does.

It’s simple. Search for the product, service, store or office in Jamaica that you need, and either pay for the product or service, or prepay an amount to the store or office and receive your code. Pass this code on to your family, friends or staff in Jamaica if they are to either pick-up the item(s) you purchased, shop and select items from the store to which you’ve prepaid, or collect the purchased item via delivery to their home or office. You can also ship your purchase overseas.

Pay (products or services) vs. Prepay (stores or offices)

Some items, you want to buy them yourself. Maybe you don’t want someone else to go and buy the wrong item—you may know the brand, the type, the style you want, or maybe its a secret gift. On these occasions paying directly for these items is best. After buying, you can arrange for the purchase to be delivered, picked-up or shipped.

Use MangoErrands Prepay to give your recipient in Jamaica the flexibility to choose the products or services that they would want, knowing that you’ve already paid for it. All you do is find the store or office, make the deposit, and name the recipient who will go to shop. This is great for supermarkets or clothing stores where you may not want to oversee selecting every single item that the person in Jamaica eats or wears, or if you’re buying multiple items and just have a general sense of the cost.

The five things you can do with MangoErrands

  1. Pay bills
  2. Buy products and services from stores and offices in Jamaica
  3. Use MangoErrands Prepay to prepay an amount of your choice to participating stores or offices in Jamaica, then send family, friends or staff to shop at the store for items up to the value of what you prepaid.
  4. Request or process official Jamaican documents and have them shipped overseas, or delivered to an address in Jamaica.
  5. With Custom requests, ask questions, give us tasks or send us out.

Top reasons to use MangoErrands

  1. When you don’t want to send barrels or buy items online one by one every month for loved ones or staff in Jamaica.
  2. You decide where, when, on what, and how much is spent in Jamaica.
  3. All prepayments, purchases, payments, deliveries, pick-ups, are recorded and traceable. Good for individuals and organisations who need to keep proof of spending and the delivery of purchases.
  4. Transactions occur instantly, and you can talk directly to stores or offices, request, receive and pay prices they quote.
  5. All rates are visible for every transaction. Customer service is a call away, and MangoErrands is registered in the state of New York as well as in Kingston, Jamaica.


  1. Save—you pay no fees. Get discounts, deals and promotions from stores and offices in Jamaica.
  2. Manage spending—decide where, when, on what, and how much you spend in Jamaica. You also decide who receives the benefts of your purchase or prepayment in Jamaica.
  3. Accountability—all prepayments, purchases, payments, deliveries, pick-ups, are recordable, trackable and accessible to you. Good for individuals and organisations who need to keep proof of spending and delivery of purchases or services.
  4. Convenient—Your transactions occur instantly. Talk directly to stores or offices. Request, receive and pay quotes.
  5. Transparent—All rates are visible for every transaction. Customer service is a call away. Registered in the state of New York and in Kingston, Jamaica.


We know that especially when you’re away it can be hard to do things in Jamaica and we’re here to do our best to make make your transactions successful. Call or email us with questions or if you need any help.

Phone: (347) 338-8541

Email: info at mangoerrands dot com