How to start your project (personal or public)

1. Submit your project

The first thing to do is tell us about your project. Who is it for, what you would like purchased, where, and what the prices. It can be personal (family) or public (schools etc.). If you don’t have prices for all the items that you have listed, we’ll get that information to you. Once you’ve entered your information we will send you an email with your link within 24-48 hours.
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2. Check your email for your link

After reviewing your project, we will set up your project page and email you a link to that page.

3. View your project

Use the link to view your project online at anytime.

4. Then…Share it!

You can immediately start sharing the link with members of your family or community to begin buying items from the list that you’ve entered on the website. You can use most channels to share it: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, Whatsapp etc.

5. Get weekly updates on the progress of your project

Get emails every time a purchase is made, and weekly reports on how many items were purchased and what items were not.