Pay Jamaican bills for free from the Diaspora

Pay bills in Jamaica from anywhere

Jamaican bills

In the time you’re taking to read this, you could have paid your bill express online in Jamaica. That’s because its now possible for you to stay thousands of miles away, in your sofa, on the bus, or at work, and in 5 minutes, pay just about any bill in Jamaica for FREE.

Diaspora exclusive

MangoErrands’ bill payment option puts the Diaspora in control of Jamaica Public Service (JPS), National Water Commission (NWC), tuition payments, insurance, phone, cable and other bills. Here’s how it works.

Go online and fill in the bill information, and how much you’d like to pay. View the exchange rate, the Jamaican equivalent, and then pay through a secure PayPal connection which allows you to use your credit card to pay if you don’t have a PayPal account. Look out for notifications confirming the payment.

MangoErrands works through smart technology and a vetted, super team based in New York and in Kingston, Jamaica, to get your bills paid.

And so now that you have things under control, put your feet up and have a that cup of coffee.