Have you ever received a barrel or remittance in Jamaica from someone in another country? If you have, then listen…or read closely.

Except in a few instances, money transfer recipients are almost always discussed in a negative light. Everyone knows the crime statistics and most have heard the stories of misused money, but very few articles speak highly about these recipients.

But you, the recipients, are the reason many families whose lives have been split between Jamaica and another country, actually work. Receivers are the bridge between the Jamaican Diaspora and the many projects that support local Jamaican high schools and communities. 

This only happens because those who ship items, or faithfully send money to Jamaica have found reliable and trustworthy friends, family and colleagues who help to build successful platforms for the children, properties, schools or businesses that they, members of the Jamaican Diaspora have had to leave behind to pursue better opportunities.


The expectation of the sender is that the receiver will: (i) understand what is being asked of them (ii) find time to do what is asked (iii) be honest.

But what does the receiver have to consider? Top three things are: (a) safety (b) time (c) and reputation.

Safety is always a top concern when collecting money from remittance outlets. It is no secret that persons stake out these locations and sometimes target the outlet and its customers

So receivers, depending on the amount of money, have to be wary of the risks of collecting and carrying around large amounts of cash.

Time is a big factor for both senders and receivers. What many senders fail to realize is that receivers usually have to interrupt their own schedules to accommodate the request of the sender. 

Considering that 80% of remittances require spending the money that is sent, receivers will have to first go to retrieve the money and then go to the various vendors where they will spend the money on behalf of the sender.

If the receiver is receiving shipped barrels or other items through the wharves, it is possible that that will take an entire day. 

Reputation. Many relationships have broken down because of mistrust, misunderstanding, and on some occasions, the misuse of funds. 

This is the basis for many fractures and fights in families and between colleagues.

The Mangoerrands Process

Mangoerrands was created to address these same issues. On behalf of its Jamaican Diaspora customers, Mangoerrands pays vendors in Jamaica directly, who then send the receiver to these vendors to get a service or products, up to the value of what they have paid.

Receivers, instead of making a trip to pick up the money and then another trip to the vendor, can now just go straight to the vendor, saving you an extra trip, and a lot of time.

Additionally, Mangoerrands doesn’t require that you collect and walk around with cash, because the sender’s money goes directly to the vendor that they want to do business with — whether its a hardware store, supermarket, school etc., and you only need to visit them and get what you want from them.

And since every transaction is recorded online, you can be confident that everyone will be on the same page regarding how the sender’s money is spent.