Request documents in Jamaica from the Diaspora

Processing documents in Jamaica from another country


If your mother or grandmother is anything like mine then she probably has a secure place where she puts all the important files, family photos and documents for safekeeping. And if you’re overseas and need any of those documents (and they’re still intact) for immigration or other purposes, make sure to give her advance warning so she can locate them. Then send us at MangoErrands to go collect and ship them to you.

Other ways to retrieve documents

The Registrar General Department (RGD) of Jamaica is the place where a variety of public records are recorded, issued and stored, and so it operates a bit differently than grandma. Birth, death, marriage certificates and Deed Polls are some of the public records that they manage. Whether you are applying for a new document, requesting copies or making amendments, there are very strict rules regarding how these are accessed, particularly when you are overseas.

How it works

1. If you don’t see the document on our platform, tell us what document you need and we will send you the cost to get it done.

2. Our team will collect it and begin the process related to your request after payment.

3. Next, relax. When its done we will ship it overseas or deliver it locally at your request.

Doing tasks or transactions with businesses and government offices in Jamaica while overseas, can sometimes be stressful. With MangoErrands you’re updated when we start working on your errand request, while its in progress, and when its done. And, if you have a quick question or comment, we are only a text, email or call away.

Information you will provide

Depending on your request there will be specific form(s) or information requirements that you will have to submit. So first, we will send you a complete list of the requirements for the documents that you need from the RGD – don’t worry, most of them are pretty simple, and if you need any help we’re there to walk you through the list so that you can get it together quickly.


We value our reputation and your personal information very highly. As much as we love helping, some transactions require very clear authority for us to work on your behalf. We get this authority from a letter signed by you and notarized – it basically explains what you’d like us to do. We provide you with sample letters that you only need to sign, notarize, and return.

It is very important that this letter is completed properly because in some instances MangoErrands will not open this letter but deliver it directly to the necessary office sealed, along with the other information or documents, in order to maintain the integrity of your request.


We’ll always provide you with an estimated completion time. The most common transactions such as request for copies of certificates have a quick turnaround time and usually can be completed within 5 days. MangoErrands typically uses express services at government offices or agencies in order to expedite the completion of errands and assist our clients in receiving their documents quickly.

Shipping or Delivery

We will express ship the documents to you anywhere in the world, or we can deliver it to a location in Jamaica at your request.

Cost and payment

MangoErrands uses super secure PayPal system for credit card and other online online payments.