Sponsorship package (Bronze)

Sponsor a Student 2021-2022 Bronze package

Sponsor a Student Bronze package

The Jamaican American International Chamber of Commerce (JAICC) is spearheading a Sponsor a Student project for 30-40 students across Jamaica for 2021 – 2022.

Website www.jaicc.info, Email: president@jaicc.info Phone: (478) 787-4800.

Bronze package

The Bronze Package is valued at J$10,000.

This will cover one or more categories of need for a student of your choice. Here is a list of the students from which you can choose. Please use the Local Administrator (below) as the Recipient.

Christopher Love
Kingston 13
(478) 787-4800

– Uniform
– Tuition
– Books & Supplies
– Data
– Meal(s)

Sponsorship funds go directly to stores and to the schools of students in need. These students only need to visit the stores or school to receive the products or services that your sponsorship has paid for – no cash in hand is required.

$71.13 USD

$10,000.00 JMD

Exchange rate - $140.59 JMD

40 in stock

Service Provider: JAICC Sponsor a Student Project
Kingston, Jamaica
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