Grocery for one person grocery (weekly)

One week’s grocery for one or two persons

A week’s grocery for one or two persons

Grocery items in this package
3 lbs White Rice
3 lbs White Flour
3 lbs Refined Cornmeal
2 lbs Brown Sugar
1 300g Grace Baked Beans
2 lbs Best Dressed Mixed Chicken Parts
1 12oz Miracle corned beef
1 Excelsior Water Crackers
1 225g Grace oats Instant
2 Betapac Curry Powder Sachet
3 10g Maggi All Purpose Seasoning Sachet
1 16oz Fiwi Lime Juice
1 Fiwi Choice Vegetable Cooking Oil 500ml
1 2lb Marshall’s Bakery SLICED White Bread

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Service Provider: Continental Enterprise Meat, Grocery, Bakery and Pharmacy
20 North Parade, Kingston, Jamaica
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