Let’s Get You Signed Up

Let’s get you up and running. First, take a look at our fees.

J$150 (US$0.99)


    Are vendors registered?

    Product and service providers on our site are required to be registered with the Companies Office of Jamaica, or a relevant governing body.

    What payment methods are accepted?

    All payments must be made by way of credit card or via PayPal. Our site is Paypal compliant. No cash or offline payments are permitted.

    After paying what I do?

    Send your receiver in Jamaica to the store or office where you made the payment. Give them the order number and unique code on your receipt that was emailed to you when you completed the transaction. Your receiver will take this and a government issued identification to get the products or services from the vendor.

    Why is the unique code important?

    You want to be sure that the person you designate as Recipient, and not someone else, is able to collect or use that product or service for which you’ve paid. It allows the provider to be sure that the person who is collecting the product or service is the person who is supposed to receive it. It also protects you from unscrupulous persons collecting or using the product or service for which you’ve paid.

    How does my receiver collect from the store or office?

    Recipients in Jamaica are required to show transaction order number, unique code, and government issued identification to the provider in order to collect any product or service for which you’ve paid.