1. Search

  • Enter the name of the product you’re purchasing, or the store if you are Prepaying to a business, or select Bill Payment to pay a bill.

2. Do you want to buy a product? Or Prepay funds to a store?

  • Once you’ve found the product or store, click on the product to purchase it, or the store to prepay to them.
    • What if I don’t find my store or product? You can tell us here.
  • Next, click on “Add to Cart” to purchase an item. For Prepayments or Bill Payment, enter the amount of your choice and then “Add to Cart”.
  • Select “View Cart” at the bottom of the page.

3. Shipping

  • Select “Shipping calculator”
  • Click on “Jamaica” then on Update totals.
  • Choose the option that applies (Prepay, Bill Payment, Pickup, Local Delivery, Shipping) then scroll up and Checkout

4. Checkout

  • Existing customers can just Login and select or add Personal or *Recipient  information if necessary.
  • New/Guest customers must fill in Personal information and if there is a recipient add the Recipient information
  • Enter any special instructions in Order Notes (eg. I’d like these in a medium)
  • Tick the box that says “I’ve read and accepted the terms & conditions”

5. Pay

  • Proceed to PayPal to pay


Check your email for your receipt, or log into your account to view your transaction details.

*A Recipient is  someone in Jamaica that you designate to pick up items you’ve purchased, or to whose address your purchase is to be delivered, or who can shop at a store to which you’ve prepaid.