Jamaicans around the world have been shipping barrels of goods, and remitting money to Jamaica for decades.

In 2018 alone, Jamaicans around the world remitted more than US$2.3 billion back to Jamaica, and sent numerous barrels.

If you send money back to family members, friends, administrators, or contractors in Jamaica, then you know how heavily your transactions relies on the personalities and trustworthiness of the recipient of your funds.

You are almost always 100% dependent on the honesty and the schedule of the receiver or recipient. And its great when your TRUST is rewarded and everything works fine, but when its broken, it can be a costly, or even tragic situation.

Become more independent

Mangoerrands was designed to give you more control over spending in Jamaica from overseas, reducing your 100% reliance on the recipient, as well as the need to send cash. How do we do it?

The first thing to know is that the majority of money remitted to Jamaica is not for savings.

Remittance money is spent on five major things: Utilities (bill payments), Food (groceries), Education (school), Housing (rent, furnishings etc.), and Medical (hospital, dental etc).

So the money is always being spent!

Next thing is that almost all transactions from overseas involves three parties: the sender, the receiver, and the vendor with whom the money is eventually spent.

The sender remits the money to the recipient who collects it and 85% of the time takes it to a vendor to spend it.

This is the process that pays for the electricity, water, dental and doctor visits, tuition and other bills. Its also used to buy groceries, medications, back-to-school supplies, motor vehicles, cement, steel and other items.

We changed the process

We changed this process so that you are now able to pay the vendor directly, and then send your receiver to the vendor if necessary to: (i) select a product or service (ii) or pick-up a product (iii) or use a service.

Now, the recipient doesn’t need to go anywhere to collect cash and then carry it around. You don’t have to wait on them to start the transaction. And you always know on what your money was actually spent.

Check out these three transactions that we’ve already done for our customers.

A. Our customer wanted to pay for groceries for a friend in Jamaica, but the friend didnt wnat our customer staying overseas and choosing the groceries for them in Jamaica. They wanted to choose the grocery items themselves.

So our customer went to Mangoerrands Prepay and entered the maximum amount that she wanted to spend and what it was to be spent on (groceries). She then entered her friend’s name as the recipient, and notified them.

Her friend was able to go to the supermarket and choose the items they wanted up to the maximum amount that the customer had set, and left the store. And that was it — our customer could manage the spending and the recipient could had the option to choose!

B. A Jamaican in New York wanted to provide a few Central Kingston residents with bags of grocery for Christmas. She partnered with us, and we created and sent to her special link to our website, for her to share with anyone who wanted to pay for a bag of grocery that would go towards this community effort.

This is a great option for charitable organizations in the Jamaica Diaspora who want: (i) a higher level of accountability; (ii) targeted spending with local businesses; (iii) an alternative way to raise support from their memberships; (iv) and a creative way to execute projects in Jamaica.

C. Another customer got a call about filling a prescription and when she was told how much it would cost, she found a convenient pharmacy on the platform and directly paid them medication, naming the person who called as the recipient. They were able to pick up the medication after presenting the prescription.

Our goal

Our primary goal isn’t selling products or services, but enabling you to stay anywhere in the world and confidently spend with any company or office in Jamaica on behalf of your family, friends or staff who can better see, feel, choose and use the products or services locally.

Learn more about how to get almost any spending done in Jamaica here.