Four person grocery (weekly)

$9,700.00 JMD

Grocery for one person grocery (weekly)

$6,700.00 JMD

Red Velvet Cake

$4,000.00 JMD

Continental Enterprise Meat, Grocery, Bakery and Pharmacy

Groceries, Meat, Pharmaceuticals, Liquor, Bakery.

Continental Enterprises

Continental Enterprises is "Healthy Living Made Easy⁣" and serves the community while delivering some of the most important and delightful products from Downtown, Kingston to neighboring towns and parishes.


You can request that delivery cost be deducted from your prepayment. Delivery cost ranges between J$500 and J$1800. We deliver in Kingston, St. Andrew, Clarendon, St. Thomas and St Catherine.


For fresh fish and tender meats Continental Enterprises has Kingston’s best supply.


Continental Enterprise offers wholesale or retail purchases of staple fruits, foods and house supplies for pickup or delivery.


Continental Enterprises birthday cakes, special treats, fresh buns and bread, gives your tastebuds a treat.


Fill monthly or occasional prescriptions and maintain the health of loved ones back home from Continental Enterprise's pharmacy.


Order liquor for yourself, friends or more for the party with Continental Enterprise’s liquors. We have a wide variety of liquors for any occasion.

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20 North Parade, Kingston, Jamaica
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