One month’s bus fare for a YMCA student

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One week’s lunch for a YMCA student

$2,500.00 JMD

Jamaica Service Project re: YMCA

YMCA Student Lunch and Transportation Support

Jamaica Service Project

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The Jamaica Service Project (JSP) currently manages a Reading and Literacy Programme at the YMCA for approximately 26 boys between the ages of 11 and 15.

These boys are usually from volatile communities and have been pulled from the regular school system because of behavioural challenges among other problems.

The programme seeks to help to raise the boys' literacy proficiency, which will better enable them to reintegrate smoothly back into the mainstream educational system after their tenure at the YMCA. The success of the programme hinges on the consistent attendance of the boys in the programme.

Currently, some of them have low attendance due to financial challenges, as a result, we're seeking sponsorship to help provide them with lunch (prepared at the YMCA) and transportation to increase the level of attendance. This will ensure that they are fully able to capitalize on the benefits of the programme.

Recipient:(Local Administrator) Emeilio Allen, YMCA Guidance Counselor, 21 Hope Road, Kingston, Jamaica. [email protected], (876) 540-9551
Sponsor:Jamaica Service Project, Denesha Bailey, [email protected]
Vendors: Dorothy Gage (YMCA Tuck Shop), Jamaica Urban Transit Center (JUTC)
Distribution Date: February 2020 - June 30, 2020

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Papine, Kingston, Jamaica

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