Sponsorship package (Bronze)

$10,000.00 JMD

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$25,000.00 JMD

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$15,000.00 JMD

JAICC Sponsor a Student Project 2022/2023

The Sponsor a Student project provides 50 students in Jamaica with back-to-school support.

How to Sponsor a Student 2022-2023

Five steps to pay for sponsorship for students.

1. Amount: Enter any sponsor amount into the Store Credit field.

2. Description: in the description section describe what your funds will sponsor.

3. Add to Cart.

4. *Important: Enter your student's and their school's details (see below) in Recipient information.

5.Select the Terms and Conditions box then Pay.

Check your email for your receipt.
Name School Description
Rajay P Charlie Smith High Registration and Tuition
Rosheed P Charlie Smith High Registration and Tuition
Zain L Randall School of Hope Tuition
Delawny S Ja. Assoc. for Children with Learning Disabilities Miscellaneous Fee
Orane R Pentab Tuition
Jalani R Carry Barry Tuition
Brianna B STATHS Tuition
Oneillia S Immaculate High Tuition
Damani H STATHS Tuition
Caleb H New Providence Primary Tuition & School Supplies
Jamoie T YMCA Tuition
Donavan D YMCA Tuition
Travoni H Camperdown High Books & Supplies
Shantae M Morant Bay High Books & Supplies
Zaneika L Tarrant High Tuition
Andre W Calabar High Tuition

Ask for last year's report.

FOR DETAILS CONTACT Website www.jaicc.info, Email: president@jaicc.info Phone: (478) 787-4800. Email: info@mangoerrands.com Phone: (347) 338-8541.

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