Sponsorship package (Bronze)

$10,000.00 JMD

Sponsorship package (Gold)

$25,000.00 JMD

Sponsorship package (Silver)

$15,000.00 JMD

JAICC Sponsor a Student Project

The Sponsor a Student project provides 30-40 students in Jamaica with back-to-school support.

Sponsor a Student 2021-2022

The Jamaican American International Chamber of Commerce (JAICC) is spearheading a Sponsor a Student project for at least 30-40 students across Jamaica.

You can sponsor any student on our list. You may also sponsor a student who you know needs assistance but is not on our list. If you would like to do that please contact us first.

Sponsorships includes coverage of: Tuition, Books, Uniform, Data, Meal(s), Transportation and in some cases electronic devices. Meals, uniform and transportation are subject to location and availability of student and school.

Website www.jaicc.info, Email: president@jaicc.info Phone: (478) 787-4800.
Email: info@mangoerrands.com Phone: (347) 338-8541.

How to sponsor a child (please read)

1. Select one of the preset sponsorship options (Gold - JMD$25,000, Silver - JMD$15,000, Bronze - JMD$10,000)

2. With the flexible option, you can enter as much or as little as you would like to sponsor the student in the Store Credit field above.

All sponsorship funds go directly to stores and to the schools of students in need. As the Recipient, students only need to visit the stores or school to receive the products or services that your sponsorship has paid for - no cash is required.

Flexible option

i. Amount: enter the amount you want to sponsor into Store Credit field above.

ii. Description: in the description section enter what your funds are sponsoring and Add to Cart. It can cover a category (see below) or it can cover a student from the list (see list).

Example A: "This is to pay for data"
Example B: "This is to sponsor Naomi Russell of Dumbarton High"

iii. Enter your details (Name etc.)

iv. *Enter Recipient details (Local Administrator in Jamaica)
*This is Required
Christopher Love
Kingston 13
(478) 787-4800

v. Select the Terms and Conditions box and pay.

Check your email for your receipt.

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Enter amount for Store Credit
? Store Credit is the amount your recipient is allowed to spend with this vendor
$ JMD ? You can prepay any amount here. This amount can be spent with current Service provider in its store for the products and/or services.

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Exchange rate - $137.43 JMD

? You can enter a category (ex. groceries), or the name of a store or office, or a list of specific products or services
Kingston, Jamaica
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