Cash versus Mangoerrands

Food, education and utility bills are the top three things that remittances to Jamaica are spent on. According to a Bank of Jamaica report, more than 85% of the money you send to Jamaica ends up being spent with various local vendors.

Mangoerrands enables you to stay anywhere in the world and spend directly with these vendors on behalf of your family, friends or people that work for you.

85% of remittances sent to Jamaica is spent with local vendors

The difference between just remitting cash and using Mangoerrands is huge. With Mangoerrands you  choose the vendor that your money will be spent with, pay or prepay them directly, and then send your family, friend or staff to that vendor to select, or collect products, or use the vendor’s service.

Why is that important?

Here are 5 reasons to think about using Mangoerrands rather than sending cash:

1. Security. Your recipients won’t have to walk around with the cash that you’ve sent. In 2018 alone there were over 2,200 reported robberies and break-ins in Jamaica.

2. Reduced risk of misuse. It’s more difficult for your money to be misused when you can get as specific as where and for what purpose it is to be spent.

3. Control. You have the power to decide exactly how your money is spent and with whom (you can also let your receiver choose, or you can tell us and we’ll find the vendor you need).

4. Efficiency. Since you’ve already paid or prepaid the vendor, your recipient in Jamaica won’t need to first go to collect the cash then go to spend it. Instead, they can go directly to the vendor to do the transaction.

5. Savings. You pay little or no fees to use Mangoerrands compared to sending by remittance, or even shipping.

A hardware store vendor

Which vendors to connect with and where they are?

Great question!  We work with a wide range of vendors in different locations, but they fall into two major categories: vendors that offer a product, and those offering a service.

Local recommendations

Sometimes your recipient in Jamaica is best positioned to tell you the store or office that you should spend with. In other cases, we’d be happy to connect you with a vendor in Jamaica that serves your need.

Examples of vendors offering products would be supermarkets, hardware stores, auto, restaurants, lounges or pharmacies that have items your recipient can take with them.

Vendors offering a service include doctors, schools, barbershops, spa and hair salons;  they don’t typically have items/products for sale.

You can pay for these services directly with Mangoerrands.


You might have noticed that we’ve included schools as vendors. While schools offer rather than sell education as a service, enrolled students require tuition, lunch, and other fees that enable them to be successful in school.

Mangoerrands allows you to support an individual student(s) in any registered school in Jamaica.

You can pay these costs directly to the school if they are on the platform or use Mangoerrands Prepay to make the payment to the school, listing your student as the recipient.

Am I paying the vendor directly?

Yes. You make a purchase directly from the vendor and someone else in Jamaica is able to collect what you’ve paid for (if it’s a product) or use it (if it’s a service) without you having to wonder where your money is being spent and if your hard-earned money will be lost or stolen.

Mangoerrands just facilitates the money going to the vendor and the coordinates the hand-over of the product or service to your recipient. We’re not aiming to be Amazon, so you won’t see a whole host of vendor products on our platform.

Our primary goal isn’t selling products or services, but enabling you to stay anywhere in the world and confidently spend with any business in Jamaica on behalf of your family, friends or staff who can better see, feel and use the products or services.

You can learn more about how it works here.

Finding the right vendor

If the vendor is currently on the platform and they have the product or service displayed, you can purchase it directly from them.

If they are on the platform but the product or service is not listed there, you can contact them or us on the platform to locate it and get you the price.

If the vendor is not on the platform then ask us to find them. We’ll be happy to find the appropriate vendor and get a price quote.

Mangoerrands is always adding eligible vendors in Jamaica to our platform so that you can access the products and services you need. But you don’t have to search if you don’t want to.

If your recipient didn’t recommend a vendor to you, you can tell us what type of product or service you need.  We will search and identify vendors that match your need but which may not currently be on the Mangoerrands platform, and connect you to them to make a prepayment or payment.You can also ask us to get a price quote for you, if necessary. 

How do I get the prices of products and services and how do I pay?

Keep it simple.

Let’s say your call goes like this, “I got the price to fill the prescription and its J$5,000” or “Groceries for mama will cost around J$2500”. Most times you’ll get a range, but other times you’ll get the exact amount.

Mangoerrands gives you the flexibility to pay the exact amount that a product or service costs and with Mangoerrands Prepay you can set a maximum amount up to which your recipient can spend.

Mangoerrands Prepayment Page

Either way, you know where or on what the money will be spent, and your recipient will either pick up the purchase or to go shopping using the funds you’ve sent, up to the maximum amount that you’ve set.

You also have the ability to contact the vendor, or you can ask us to get price quotes for  you.

Exclusive discounts and deals

You have access to targeted discounts and deals that the regular Jamaican public may not be offered from our vendors in Jamaica.

As a Mangoerrands customer, you are eligible for exclusive discounts and deals from vendors without missing out on promotions that are offered to the public at large.

Additionally, once you have subscribed to our mailing list,, Mangoerrands offers discounts independent of our vendors during our own promotions.


Vendor eligibility and quality

Vendors are required to have a registered business and a business bank account, since all monies are transferred directly to their bank accounts.

You’ll find that some vendors are faster, more responsive and overall better businesses than others. You get to tell us about those experiences and your feedback allows us to better connect more customers to high performing businesses.

Now more than ever, when doing international transactions in Jamaica,you’ve got way more tools, options and control. What are you waiting on?