Spend confidently in Jamaica, from anywhere.

Use us to securely pay for products and services for you or anyone in Jamaica.
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Why choose Mangoerrands? A few reasons to use us to spend in Jamaica

Control how your money is spent
Whether you're spending on family, friends, or a project in Jamaica, direct how, and where your money is spent.
Secure, convenient and low cost
At home or on the go use your desktop computer or mobile phone to instantly handle business in Jamaica yourself.
Share costs with others
Allow multiple people in different locations to choose and pay for items from your list with Share Expenses.
Get updates from start to finish
Know the status of your transaction. Get updates for each transaction from start to finish.

Easily spend on people or projects

The power to spend with accountability in Jamaica from anywhere in the world is yours with Mangoerrands.

Trusted. Trackable. Timely.
Spend confidently in Jamaica from anywhere.
Mangoerrands is a registered LLC with offices in New York and in Jamaica, W.I.

(Registered as Diaspora Errands LLC)

How does it work? Select the option that best suit your needs

1. Choose how to spend
PREPAY - Prepay stores* then send someone to shop there
SHOP - Buy products and services directly from providers
SHARE SPENDING - multiple people buy from your list
PAY A BILL - pay company or government bills in Jamaica
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2. Say where or what you want to spend on
Say what you want your money to be spent on (e.g. groceries, books, clothes). We'll find an eligible store or office that offers your product or service if you don't name any.
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3. Authorize who can spend or receive
Name the person who you authorize to pickup an item or receive a delivery from a store. If you use Prepay, name the person allowed to go shopping with your prepayment.
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4. Track every payment you make
Accountability matters. For the Shared Expense option as well as when you're doing a transaction alone, you pay online and receive an emailed receipt. No cash is allowed.

What can you do with mangoerrands?

Buy groceries (Prepay recommended) Buy a vehicle(s) Clothes shopping Construction items Hair salon/barberRestaurantMore
Pay for lunch Pay tuition Shop for back to school Pay for extra lessons and other school servicesPay fro transportation to and from schoolMore
Pay for prescriptions Buy health equipment (e.g wheelchairs) Pay for doctor/hospital visit Pay for x-rays and other health services Pay for dental, optical and other health servicesMore
Buy equipment for sporting activitiesPay for community center construction itemsPay for entrepreneurial ventures (e,g. stock of goods)More


“Thanks for filling a big gap”

Abby, Bahamas

I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t find you guys”

Marva, United Kingdom

Your service is a lifesaver. No need to rely on anyone else to do things for me in Jamiaca

Tennyson, New York