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Buy store credit, products and services from Jamaican vendors for your recipients.

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A win win win for spenders, vendors and recipients

The best way to spend in Jamaica from overseas

A win win win for spenders, venders and recipients

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What you can do with Mangoerrands

Pay for services or goods for anyone in Jamaica.

Pay stores for products or services then send your receiver to collect or use your purchase.
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Buy store credits. Send your recipients shopping.

Buy store credits from select vendors and send your recipient shopping for their favorite things.
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Pay Jamaican bills online, for you or someone else.

Pay utility or other bills to companies in Jamaica for your self, staff, or loved ones.
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Spend securely on group and other projects.

Create a project on our platform then share the link with multiple people to pay for items you list.
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Why choose Mangoerrands?

Here are a few reasons why

Control what your money is spent on

Choose, on what, where and by whom your money will be spent in Jamaica, while overseas.

No fees

Add every dollar that you would spend in fees, to the amount you spend on loved ones.

Buy from Jamaica’s best businesses

Spend with the best grocery stores, doctor’s offices, schools, salons, restaurants and more.

Easier life for your receiver in Jamaica

Loved ones, contractors, and community members only need to show up for services or goods.

Easily spend on people or projects

The power to spend with accountability in Jamaica from anywhere in the world is yours.
✓ Trusted
✓ Trackable
✓ Timely
Spend confidently in Jamaica from anywhere.

Mangoerrands is a registered LLC with offices in New York and in Jamaica, W.I.

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